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Our Process

Interested in having your own ADU but don’t know how to start?
Here’s how we streamline the process for you!

Initial Consultation

Duration: 30 mins

We’ll answer any queries you have about ADU and listen to you about your vision and goals for this project. We’ll also have an initial discussion about the feasibility of your ADU being built within your desired timeline and convenient budget.


To get started, you may reach us directly at (408) 413-3373!

On-site Consultation

Duration: 1 hr

Our ADU Expert will assess your property and, then, give you suggestions on how to optimally build your ADU in consideration of multiple factors such as available space, access, utilities, and the impact on your existing home and neighbors.

Contract Review

Duration: 1 hr

We’ll walk you through your project — its scope, activities, timeline, and associated costs.

Design and Planning

Duration: approx. 1 month

Together with a professional architect, we’ll work closely with you to design and plan your ADU. We’ll turn your vision into an actual plan — making sure it meets your satisfaction, local building codes, and regulations.

Permits Acquisition

Duration: max. 6 months

Our experienced staff and ADU specialist will work with the city and take care of the paperwork for you, seeing to it that all permits are in place quickly and efficiently.


Duration: approx. 3 months

Once permits are acquired, our team of friendly and efficient builders will start constructing your ADU. We’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure that you’re kept in the loop with the latest development and status of your project. We’ll also be guiding and assisting you during inspections.


Duration: for life

Enjoy your new studio, generate passive income through rental, or bring your family closer together! Live the life that you have always wanted with your new ADU!


Duration: occasional

On top of the 10-year structural warranty, here at ADU Builders Group, your property is secured with a 3-year service warranty and a complimentary annual project inspection for three years at no additional cost!


Maintain your property to ensure it remains in good condition.

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